Our hospital focuses on the combined therapies of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Western equipments are to reduce the index immediately and Chinese medicine to maintain the result for a long term

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Medicated Bath, Effective for kidney disease.

 Medicated Bath, Effective for kidney disease.

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Medicated bath, a classic Chinese treatment, has long been used to treat diseases caused by poor blood circulation and improve the immunity so as to increase the resistance to various kinds of diseases. The bath water is mixed with Chinese medicine (extracted herbal medicine), patients could receive the treatment easily by taking a whole body bath. Medicated bath is a way of external applications of traditional Chinese medicine, which is easy to operate, cheap, pain free and without any side effects compared with other oral treatment.

How dose the medicated bath work?

Toxins and wasted products in the blood are excreted through skin by sweating, which reduced the burden of the kidney.

Alleviate some clinical symptoms including skin disease and itching.

•Improve blood circulation in different organs including kidney and liver, which helps repair the damaged kidney function and slow down the atrophy of the kidney.

•Alleviate fatigue; reduce the pain of the muscle and joint; enhance microcirculation of the whole body so as to help remove the metabolic products and bring more oxygen.

•Improve sleep quality.

•Improve immunity. Medicated bath can prevent cold and significantly improve immune ability to resist various kinds of disease.

The functions of medicated bath

The following are five major functions of Medicated bath:

1. Improve blood circulation, remove blood stasis and resist toxin.

This is to be adopted by people with Chronic Renal failure, Uremia and other Chronic Kidney Disease.

2. Reduce blood glucose and lipid, regulate blood pressure.

This function is suitable for patients with symptoms such as hyperlipidemia and high blood glucose and diabetics.

3. Expel toxic in the blood.

The build up of wastes in blood is a main cause of elevated creatinine levels, so people with allergic skin, purpura, eczema, lupus and other skin problems can choose Medicated bath.

4. control the loss of protein.

This method is suitable for patients with severe proteinuria and Nephrotic Syndrome .

5. Reduce hematuria and occult blood.

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