Our hospital is equipped with the most advanced devices and facilities including the multipurpose blood purification devices"Plasauto iQ21" and many other equipments.


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Clinical Laboratory

Full Automatic Immunity Biochemical Instrument

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This medical equipment is composed of sampling center, dry chemical determination center, immunoassay center, command center, system framework and housing.

The device is currently the most advanced biochemical analyzer in the world. All indicators meet the requirements of world-class quality level. Roche biochemical immunity analyzer is characterized by accurate and reliable results. It possesses the most authoritative traceability system, high-level configuration, scientific precise application principle, smart reagent system, unique multi-reagent adding functionality, remote networking and online quality control. The seven characters are superior to those of other equipment.

German Roche cobas8000 full-automatic biochemical immunity analyzer contains ISE、c701、c502,e602 the four analysis modules. This analyzer mainly applies to detection of various indicators like liver and kidney function, cardiovascular function, immune function, electrolyte level, endocrine function, tumor biomarker, Down’s screening, qualitative research on infectious diseases, concentration of alcohol and medications and other more than two hundreds testing items. And it applies to all kinds of people’s biochemical detection. Compared with other traditional biochemical analyzers, the advantages of this device are distinct.

Rapid testing speed

It reaches 3670 tests/hour and makes precious time for saving critical patients.

More accurate detection results

The reagents that the analyzer used are original. The quality control can be contrasted with others worldwide. It provides effective guarantees for diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Multi-channel of reagents

It can carry out 235 multi-testing items simultaneously.

Operational procedure possesses characters of" intelligent, efficient, and powerful". Its operation and maintenance are much simpler. It could meet the higher demand of laboratorians and various patients.

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