Our hospital is equipped with the most advanced devices and facilities including the multipurpose blood purification devices"Plasauto iQ21" and many other equipments.


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Clinical Laboratory

Chemiluminescence Immune Assay Instrument

Chemiluminescence Immune Assay Instrument.jpg

Introducing the most advanced chemiluminescence technology, sample can be analyzed in about ten minutes, which saves a lot of time. With an accuracy of six order of magnitudes, Abbott i-1000 auto chemiluminescence immunity analyzer carries out a wide range of tests. With these features, the analyzer ensures an accurate and reliable diagnosis. The i-1000 machine could analyze more than 80 items, such as tumor marker, thyroid function, reproductive system, secretion, hepatitis, AIDS, cardiovascular problem, drug concentration, narcotics, abuse of drugs, metabolism, and congenital diseases.

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