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Our hospital focuses on the combined therapies of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Western equipments are to reduce the index immediately and Chinese medicine to maintain the result for a long term

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Detailed Operating Steps of Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy



Step : electrotherapy

具体操作方法如下:Detailed instructions are as follows:

〈1〉 先在床上铺放一块约50*70公分的卫生床垫,以防药液外溢,沾污床铺。

Put a sanitary cloth sized approximately 50*70cm on bed, in order to avoid contaminating the bed cloth when the medication overflows.

〈2〉 将卫生床垫从中间提起并折成︷型,折起高度高于药袋高度。

Wrinkle the sanitary cloth at the middle as “n” shape, the height of which exceeds that of the medicine bags (See figure 2).

〈3〉 将渗透仪两个极板放在卫生床垫上,上端极板留5公分距离,带电线端略向外放,呈“八”字型.

The two electrode plates are put on the sanitary cloth with the plates' upper edge 5 cm from the sanitary cloth edge and with the wire edges of the two electrode plates slightly far than the opposite ends of the two plates, actually showing “八” shape.

〈4〉 将加温好的药袋分别放在两侧电极板上,中间用卫生床垫间隔。

Put the well-heated medicine bags on the two electrode plates respectively, isolating with sanitary cloth in the middle.

〈5〉 两药袋表面一定要用手压平。

Press the two medicine bags with your hands to make the surface flat.

〈6〉 病人躺在药袋上,药袋位置一定要调整到两肾区位置(约后背腰部),双肾下缘大约在两额脊上10公分处,药袋中心是双肾位置。

Patients lie down on the two bags, with renal area (approximately the waist part on back) right on the two medicine bags, and lower edges of the two kidneys is 10cm up the two frontal carinas and center of the medicine bags is the two kidneys’ location.

〈7〉 躺稳后,先打开渗透仪电源,选择电疗模式,具体方法是自左向右逐渐调节电流强度旋钮,待身体适应一定强度的电流,感到舒服为止,保持一定的电流强度,可按自己的承受力逐渐上调。但不能太强,适当掌握。

After lying down, first, connect the osmoscope to the power and choose electrotherapy mode. The specific way is to turn the amperage knob gradually from left to right until you feel comfortable when the body get used to certain amperage, and keep certain amperage, then increase to appropriate amperage according to one’s bearing capacity.

〈8〉 渗透电疗时间的掌握。在渗透仪内每一电疗周期预定为50分钟,理疗的过程中患者应可休息,可适当听舒缓的音乐以放松心情。

Time control for electrotherapy. Each period for the osmoscope is expected to last 50 minutes. They can take a rest during the process and listen to gentle music to relax themselves.

〈9〉 当渗透治疗结束后,首先应先切断电源,方可起床,用温湿布轻轻擦掉肾区部位的药液,穿好衣服以防感冒。

When the process is finished, patients can get up after the power is cut off first, then wipe the medication fluid at the renal area gently with a warm wet cloth and get dressed to avoid catching a cold.


The above-mentioned is a complete osmostic electrotherapy process of Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy, which should be taken three times per day. And you can contact experts during the operation when you have problems.


Notes for operation of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

1) 在做渗透治疗时,药袋—定放在肾区位置,否则达不到预期的治疗效果。

The medicine bags must be put right on the renal area during the process, or the expected effect can not be achieved.


Press the medicine bags to make the surface flat, so that the body skin can touch the bags closely. There shouldn’t be space between the skin and bags.


Humidity of the medicine bags: It can neither be too dry, or the resistant will be high; nor be too wet, or short circuit will happen easily and medicine can not be penetrated into the body.


Temperature control of the medicine: temperature will be ok if patients feel comfortable; burn would occur when temperature is too high, while effect would not be that good if too low.

5). 电流强度的选择:Choosing of Amperage

第一、糖尿病肾病患者,多囊肾患者,有大量血尿、蛋白尿的患者及儿童一定要小剂量电流。Low current should be applied to patients with diseases like diabetic nephropathy, PKD, severe hematuria, proteinuria+ and children.


As to other nephrotic patients at different stages, Amperage should be ok if they feel comfortable.


Micro-Chinese Medicine is an externally applied therapy, which is safe and is found to have no obvious side effects through years of clinical application. During application, patients should contact with their physician in charge in time if they have uncomfortable symptoms.

All of us hope that you can recover soon!

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